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Diezel VR is the 360 / VR production division of Diezel Media, a full service visual content production company.  We provide professional 360° VR video production services from concept to creation to delivery.   360° VR video is the latest and greatest in video technology and we are excited to be a part of this ground breaking world. With over 20 years experience in the video and photographic media business we are well equipped to handle all of your visual production needs.  Our team is made up of producers, directors, cinematographers, editors and photographers, we have a passion for our work and strive delivery each client the best product possible.   We create content for clients across many industries including Entertainment, Advertising, Commercial, Corporate, Music Videos, Travel and Hospitality and Event Coverage.

Production Services


In addition to our exclusive 360° (6) camera rig, our expert Directors are equipped with the latest professional cameras, rigs and mounts to capture your 360° / VR video productions from unique perspectives.


“Stitching” multiple video files into one seamless panoramic video is a daunting task. Our trained video stitchers handle this task skillfully with latest software applications and techniques.


Our professional video editors can edit, color grade and add effects to your final video to give it a polished and professional look.

What is 360° VR Video?

VR (Virtual Reality) or 360° video is an interactive video platform which allows the viewer to control the field of view by giving them the ability to rotate 360 degrees around the scene as well as up and down.   This is the latest in video technology providing the audience with a unique and exciting visual experience.   Mobile device users can simply move their device and the video will move with their motion, or you can navigate the video with your finger on your touch screen.  For a truly immersive experience viewers can place their phones in virtual headset such as Google Cardboard or these similar VR Headsets. There has been consensus made on one term to describe VR or 360° videos. Some other terms being used are:

  • Virtual Reality Video
  • Augmented Reality Video
  • Spherical Video
  • Panoramic Video
  • Immersive Video

How to View 360° VR Video

Thanks to internet mega companies such as Google, Youtube and Facebook viewing 360 videos is easy and does not require special software. Your audience can view 360 videos on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets easily via the Youtube App which comes installed in most modern devices and is available free on the iTunes and Android stores. There are a number of free 360/VR player available from those stores also. For a truly immersive experience viewers can place their phones in virtual headset such as Google Cardboard or these similar VR Headsets.   Viewing 360 video content on a laptop or desktop is supported by most of the popular web browsers.

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